Computer repair

Does your computer crash all the time? Are there times when you cant get it to work at all?

Mr. TV Appliance Services is the leading computer repair service provider in Gig Harbor WA. We provide top quality re-install, repair and maintenance services for your machine. Here are a couple of facts that may indicate that your computer might be in need of repair or maintenance:

  • computer seems lazy, and works sluggishly
  • programs often do not respond when you try to open them 
  • your computer crashes or turns itself off automatically
  • sometimes, your computer does not start from the first time you try to turn it on 
  • and many others

Computer repairFor the normal person, such problems would not sound logical, but for our highly trained computer technicians they always do.

In order for a complete inspection to take place, our professionals will disassemble the machine, and inspect every peripheral element that is inside. Sometimes it can be a faulty memory board that can be easily changed, but in other cases it could be something more severe like a burnt out chip. Different parts have unique energy usage, and this is why, computer repair should not be done by an amateur – the sustained damage can be amplified, which would make the repair service more costly.

The specialists of Mr. TV Appliance Services will visit you anywhere in Gig Harbor WA, geared up and ready to perform the high grade computer repair service you desire.

Our competitive prices are budget-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your financial balance being afflicted in a severe way. 

Additional to our complete computer maintenance service, we also provide these services:

  • vacuum repair
  • tv repair
  • repair and maintenance of ovens, dryers, game consoles, cameras, dishwashers, sound systems, refrigerators and much, much more!

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