Mr. TV Appliance Services has specialized in refrigerator repairs for many years, now.

Mr. TV Appliance Services is the finest organization of appliance specialists serving the kind people in Gig Harbor, WA. We fix a variety of appliances including microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. We upkeep, repair and install appliances helping to avoid the costly need for replacements and maximize lifespan. For many years, we have been serving hundreds of homes and helping to maintain their major appliances, including refrigerators, flawlessly. Our client-centered work ethics allows us to perform a full customer service with the best outcome. Convenience and quality are things we never compromise on for each and every project we manage.

Refrigerator RepairPerforming a refrigerator repair can be an insurmountable job. The systems and parts are numerous. An unprepared person without the right tools and skills of an experienced technician can damage the refrigerator even more. Experience and training are not enough to perform an excellent refrigerator repair. The technician must also have the latest tools in the industry. In most cases, the basic toolkit will not help. Giving a chance to an expert like Mr. TV Appliance Services for providing refrigeration repair is a great idea for all laymen in Gig Harbor, WA who have no abilities to handle such a job.  Furthermore, you are also able to conserve your energy and time. Are you ready to get your appliances repaired? Contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment with our technicians.

Refrigerator Repair serviceFrom refrigerators to TV repairs onsite, Mr. TV Appliance Services have the ability to solve your problems in a fast and efficient manner. Do not worry about cost, deadlines, or the appliance model or brand you possess, we find solutions easily and properly. Our price list is cost-effective and budget-friendly. Mr. TV Appliance Services is also the finest refrigerator repair service provider in Gig Harbor, WA and all surrounding areas. We can fix your refrigerator the very same day you contact us. Our technicians are well-versed and qualified when it comes to performing refrigeration repairs. Trust your freezer is in capable hands with Mr. TV Appliance Services! Give us a call today at (253) 501-4861 for more info!