Vacuum repair

Has your old vacuum cleaner broke down? Do you still like it and don’t want to throw it away? We can fix it!

Mr. TV Appliance Services provides high quality vacuum repair in the Gig Harbor WA area, without delay! We provide top grade inspection and estimation on all types of vacuum cleaners you might use. Some of them include:

  • upright vacuum cleaners
  • canister vacuum cleaners
  • bagless vacuum cleaners

Vacuum repairVacuum repair is a tricky business, and in order to fix an issue, a professional must inspect all of the parts and elements that correspond to the type of machine you have. For example, the upright vacuum cleaner often experiences trouble with its motor housing and beater belt. In order to provide you with adequate results, each of these unit constructions must be disassembled correctly and every single element must be inspected for wear or faulty construction.

As the nature of the work suggests, vacuum repair should not be attempted by an amateur. Often, these parts and elements are dusty or have have accumulated daily clean dirt, and can prove to be hazardous for people with allergies or breathing problems. This is why you should leave the work to our specialists.

Our highly trained professionals have vast knowledge and experience regarding vacuum cleaners – they will not hesitate in bringing you the clean, safe service you and your machine deserve.

In addition to our vacuum repair service, we also provide high quality computer repair and maintenance – anything from inspecting parts, installing hardware and software to complete computer maintenance.

We work with budget-friendly, competitive prices, so believe us when we say that you don’t have to worry about balancing your financial status. We work diligently, and this is why Mr. TV Appliance Services has been providing the quality major appliance services in Gig Harbor WA for many years.

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